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Problem with lack of railings along stretch of Southend Road, from Elmhurst Gardens to Crescent Road

Adroddwyd yn y categori Pavements/footpaths yn ddienw am 23:27, Llun 3 Awst 2015

Anfon at Redbridge Borough Council 3 munud yn hwyrach. Cyfeirnod FixMyStreet: 671376.

The current rails are difficult to manoeuvre with a buggy and the slope leading down to the fast-moving traffic on Southend Road is very dangerous as there is no barrier at the bottom preventing a child, or any other person, from falling into the road if they were to slip over or lose control of a bike/scooter/buggy. Also, I strongly think a barrier or railing should be erected along the length of the Southend Road, from Elmhurst Gardens and further along past the subway, along to the block turning at Crescent Road. I walk my three young children to Oakdale School and back every day from Crescent Road and always feel nervous as I make my way from Crescent Road to the subway. The traffic moves at high speed and there is nothing between the road and the pavement to prevent a person from falling down the sloped grass verge into the road and into an on-coming car or lorry. I am always vigilant and make sure me and my family walk sensibly along the stretch of treacherous pavement but I am worried that sooner or later somebody will have an accident. All manor of vehicles, including huge lorries, come hurtling down the stretch of road, often over the 40 mph speed limit, so I think this matter requires attention, before somebody comes to harm.

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  • Turns out this is a TFL problem rather than Redbridge, but I have reminded my local councillor (Gwyneth Deakins) of the issue and she assures me she will be on the case and thinks an online petition will help the case move forward.

    Postiwyd yn ddienw am 00:45, Gwen 4 Rhagfyr 2015

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