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Incorrectly placed no right-turn signs

Adroddwyd yn y categori Road traffic signs yn ddienw am 09:07, Mer 18 Mawrth 2015

Anfon at Redbridge Borough Council 3 munud yn hwyrach. Cyfeirnod FixMyStreet: 607161.

I know that the London Borough of Redbridge are enforcing (via CCTV cameras just south of the junction) a no-right turn at this junction. A friend of mine recently received a Penalty Charge Notice for contravening this. As a regular user of this road, this came as a complete surprise. I didn't realise that this junction was a "no right-turn" and I now realise why. You are enforcing this rule unfairly in my opinion. As the two photographs attached show, the two signs are placed in such a position that a motorist could be forgiven for not seeing them or associating them with the junction concerned. This is NOT in the spirit of the Road Traffic Act and it would appear that you are unfairly penalising motorists to generate revenue as opposed to enforcing the law out of necessity. I urge you to consider moving the sign on the EAST footway further NORTH and the sign on the WEST footway to the EAST footway so that it is clear to motorists that they are prohibited from turning right. I have very nearly fallen foul of this several times myself and observe unwitting motorists committing this contravention daily. I dread to think how much money you are making from this but to do so is grossly unfair.

The London Borough of Redbridge have replied thus;

"Thank you for telling us there’s a problem. Unfortunately, at this time it does not meet the council’s criteria to carry out works."

Clearly this is because (by my own personal observations) the incorrect placement of the road signage and the robust, pro-active and unfair enforcement of the rule via a CCTV cluster mounted just south of the junction creates significant revenue for the local authority.

I have contacted PATAS and the Highways Agency. I have also posted my complaint and the LA's response on to alert motorists to this injustice. I will be contacting the local press also.

It should be noted that those issued with a PCN / NIP for contravention of this rule will have retrospective leave to appeal.

The LA's generic response is NOT appropriate to the gravity of this complaint. Relocation of the two (2) road signs concerned would be relatively inexpensive and would afford motorists a fair chance to avoid inadvertent contravention of the no right-turn. Those who, following relocation of the signage to the appropriate positions, contravene the rule can be fairly punished for doing so but as it stands, they have leave to appeal, through the LA, PATAS and ultimately a County Court against it.

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  • Yn parhau i fod ar agor, trwy holiadur, 10:10, Mer 15 Ebrill 2015

  • Not resolved. Proof indeed that the London Borough of Redbridge are interested only in making unfair revenue from innocent motorists.

    Postiwyd yn ddienw am 10:10, Mer 15 Ebrill 2015

  • Junction of denmark hill and coldharbour lane. when as an infrequent London driver, one enters the junction, the required no left turn instruction signs are not visible unless you are 20 feet back. I paid the fine but wonder how profitable this junction is?

    Postiwyd yn ddienw am 13:16, Sad 16 Tachwedd 2019

  • Just been issued a ticket for this too in Woodford Green. The sign is too far back from the junction in my opinion.

    Postiwyd gan PAUL ICKLOW am 00:36, Maw 29 Tachwedd 2022

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