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Large Black Cane Corso (male) not under control

Adroddwyd drwy mobile yn y categori Dog Related Incident yn ddienw am 13:35, Iau 23 Tachwedd 2023 using FixMyStreet Pro

Anfon at Bromley Council llai na munud yn hwyrach. Cyfeirnod FixMyStreet: 5245809.

I was walking through the park (war memorial end) about 45 minutes ago. I saw a large male black Cane Corso dog off the lead. Its owner male 60-65, Italian accent, white hair, white beard, dressed in black, black baseball cap, black rucksack. The dog and man arrived in Queensmead Recreation Ground, the Corso ran after a small brown cavapoo type dog, the small dog was on a lead, the owner picked up their dog and put their body between the Corso and their dog. I don’t know what was said, they were too far away as the Corso had run quite a distance to get to this small dog. The Corso then ran to a woman and her greyhound (greyhound in lead), this seemed ok, the Corso was quite energetic, but no issues. Then the Corso ran up to a woman walking two small Cockapoos type dogs (on lead) . I could hear her asking the man to keep his dog away and saying her dogs don’t like big dogs. The Corso was jumping at her dogs and she put herself between the Corso and her dogs. She shouted at the man to get his dog and repeated that her dogs don’t like big dogs, she kept putting herself between the Corso and her dogs. The man then shouted that his dog was just playing (Italian accent), and called the woman a f@cking idiot, and that she shouldn’t have dogs, she shouted again to call his dog away, the Corso eventually went, and he shouted at her, see he’s back now you f@cking idiot, he’s playing, don’t you f@cking understand English? The woman was clearly shaken. I was just shaken watching all of this as I thought the dog was initially going to attack the cavapoo dog and then the Cockapoos. The man kept walking towards the Queensmead Bowling end of the park. I didn’t see anything else as I had to head into Martins Road.

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  • Thank you for your report, this is now being investigated. Information on our services and the timeframes we aim to respond in can be found: fixservices

    Cyflwr wedi newid i: In progress

    Postiwyd gan Bromley Council am 13:36, Iau 23 Tachwedd 2023

  • We are continuing to investigate and working to resolve this report

    Postiwyd gan Bromley Council am 00:07, Iau 30 Tachwedd 2023

  • Thank you for your report. This has been passed to our Parks Security to patrol.

    Cyflwr wedi newid i: Ar gau

    Postiwyd gan Bromley Council am 23:40, Dydd Llun 22 Ionawr 2024

  • Our Parks Security Contractor have taken action to monitor and address this reported issue.

    Cyflwr wedi newid i: No further action

    Postiwyd gan Bromley Council am 00:34, Dydd Llun 5 Chwefror 2024

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