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Issues with large dogs off lead

Adroddwyd drwy mobile yn y categori Dog Related Incident yn ddienw am 09:19, Maw 21 Tachwedd 2023 using FixMyStreet Pro

Anfon at Bromley Council llai na munud yn hwyrach. Cyfeirnod FixMyStreet: 5235816.

I want the council to consider enforcing dogs to be on leads in Thornet wood.

I have had many incidents with dogs out of control and off leads and it is making me fearful of walking and running in the park. I already avoid the area with my children but I have had too many incidents to feel safe.

1. A dog off leash ran up to my daughter across from the field who was 2 at the time and I had to kick it out of the way as it looked like it was going to attack her 2 an off leash pitbull chased me off the path and into the wooded area before the owner recalled it 3. A large dog lunged at me barking when I was running before the owner grabbed its collar 4. The same dog in #3 did the same thing on a different day 5. A large husky ran around the corner from the car park and into my path, owner many metres away and not in control of the dog at all 6. Another pitbull off lead, far away from its owner, ran up to me while I was running and appeared like it was going to attack before the owner, who had 3 other large dogs, called it back

I have spoken to friends about it and they have reported the same issues, many avoid that wood altogether. It really isn’t far on people who want to run, or who are vulnerable or who have kids or just are scared of dogs to have to put up with it, not to mention those with small dogs who are usually on a lead.

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  • Thank you for your report, this is now being investigated. Information on our services and the timeframes we aim to respond in can be found: fixservices

    Cyflwr wedi newid i: In progress

    Postiwyd gan Bromley Council am 09:19, Maw 21 Tachwedd 2023

  • We are continuing to investigate and working to resolve this report

    Postiwyd gan Bromley Council am 00:07, Iau 30 Tachwedd 2023

  • We have investigated this report and have made contact with the report originator to outline further details. This report is now closed on FixMyStreet.

    Cyflwr wedi newid i: No further action

    Postiwyd gan Bromley Council am 12:45, Dydd Iau 11 Ionawr 2024

  • Thank you for your report. Please be advised that the report has been passed to our Parks Security who have conducted patrols and ongoing patrols will be carried out.

    Cyflwr wedi newid i: Fixed

    Postiwyd gan Bromley Council am 12:48, Dydd Iau 11 Ionawr 2024

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