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Horse right of way

Adroddwyd drwy desktop yn y categori Public Right of Way footpath yn ddienw am 15:17, Maw 14 Tachwedd 2023 using FixMyStreet Pro

Anfon at Bromley Council 1 awr, 5 munud yn hwyrach. Cyfeirnod FixMyStreet: 5211127.

Email received by CSC inbox 14/11/2023 14:26

• Please give brief details of your complaint or compliment below:: The council have recently revoked a right of way to southborough lane stables for their horses to walk through jubilee park to access their grazing land. This right of way goes back decades and is the safest way to transport the horses off-road. Some of the horses are nervous and scared of vehicles. Southborough lane is busy and on a bus route. Drivers speed down and there are parked cars presenting a hazard to horse riders. There are also no horse warning signs on the road. It presents a dangerous situation to have regular horses going up and down this busy road while motorists are not alerted to the dangers. This is a serious accident waiting to happen and should not be supported by the council. Please restore southborough lane stables right of way through the park. The horses going through the park walk at a slow pace and are no nuisance or threat to other park users. Most are happy to see horses in the park. They are only in the park for a matter of minutes until they access the bridle path. This is a very small number of dog walkers who have nothing better to do that cause problems for other users of the park. Their own dogs are not trained in recall and should be on the lead in any event. If there is an accident on southborough lane as a result of this action due to a horse being hit then this will be a cause of great embarrassment and concern to the council and anger on the community. It should not be allowed. • What action (if any) would you like us to take?: Restore the horse right of way across the park to the bridle path from Southborough lane stables

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  • Thank you for your report, this is now being investigated. Information on our services and the timeframes we aim to respond in can be found: fixservices

    Cyflwr wedi newid i: In progress

    Postiwyd gan Bromley Council am 16:23, Maw 14 Tachwedd 2023

  • We have investigated this report and have made contact with the report originator to outline further details. This report is now closed on FixMyStreet.

    Cyflwr wedi newid i: No further action

    Postiwyd gan Bromley Council am 12:27, Mer 29 Tachwedd 2023

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