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Paving slabs are in dire need of some TLC in all of Shrewsbury Rd N11.

Adroddwyd drwy desktop yn y categori Pavements/footpaths yn ddienw am 15:14, Sul 22 Hydref 2023

Anfon at Enfield Borough Council llai na munud yn hwyrach. Cyfeirnod FixMyStreet: 5124784.

This is about pedestrian paving maintenance in Shrewsbury Rd N11. They haven't been checked for years. The alley ways linking Shrewsbury Rd - Evesham Rd and Maidstone Rd have rain water drains which run in the middle of them which have been blocked for years.

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  • I think Enfield local authority aren't interested in fixing anything that they are responsible for. Now it's leaves everywhere, especially rainwater kerbside gully rainwater drains, they don't want to be disturbed. If there's any local flooding or individuals tripping over poorly fitted paving slabs photograph it plus the street name, house and post code number, that'll be your proof. We'll see what we can do come the next local election.

    Postiwyd yn ddienw am 09:54, Llun 20 Tachwedd 2023
    Yn parhau i fod ar agor, trwy holiadur

  • Yn parhau i fod ar agor, trwy holiadur, 15:15, Llun 18 Rhagfyr 2023

  • Is Enfield local authority broke and strapped for cash? I sometimes think that they are, that's why they can't look after our pavements and if it's their responsibility, our roads as well. What about our kerb side rain water drains, when were they gulped and cleaned last? They appear to be a waste of time.

    Postiwyd yn ddienw am 15:53, Dydd Mawrth 16 Ionawr 2024
    Yn parhau i fod ar agor, trwy holiadur

  • Nothing done, all still the same. God help Enfield local authority if elderly folks start tripping over these obstructions and seriously injuring themselves. Enfield will be in Court trying to explain their attitude towards their legal responsibilities to keep people who use these pavements SAFE. Is Enfield local authority really broke? I've been hearing this from other quarters. Don't forget our rain water drain gullies as well, this cleanup / gulping is well overdue, especially the passage ways that link Maidstone Road, Shrewsbury Road, Evesham Road, and Pevensey Avenue. How much longer is Enfield authority going to ignore us. They're too interested in kissing their dear LTNs instead of getting on with their REAL legal duties. Am I being asked to keep on writing these complaining notes forever and a day or until I stop breathing before Enfield will take some meaningful decisive action here. It makes you wonder, why on earth do we bother voting anymore?

    Postiwyd yn ddienw am 11:17, Dydd Mercher 14 Chwefror 2024
    Yn parhau i fod ar agor, trwy holiadur

  • Very little ever gets fixed when Enfield Council are involved, are they totally broke? Even the alleyways ( linking Maidstone, Shrewsbury and Evesham roads) rain water drains are still blocked with soil / grass.

    Postiwyd yn ddienw am 12:16, Dydd Mercher 13 Mawrth 2024
    Yn parhau i fod ar agor, trwy holiadur

  • I think Enfield have either run out of OUR money or just can't be bothered to comply. I'm not going to let go of this awful Local Authority (Enfield) behaviour. Just wait until the next local election comes around, you'll pay for it then.

    Postiwyd yn ddienw am 20:20, Dydd Sadwrn 13 Ebrill 2024
    Yn parhau i fod ar agor, trwy holiadur

  • No movement whatsoever from this lousy council. Shrewsbury Rd is filthy from tree twigs and dog poo and other detritus plus uneven paving slabs. There's nearly always a mess on Tuesdays after the bins have been emptied plus the little brown bins for kitchen waste that the foxes have emptied. Yet the council can afford to spend OUR money (if there is any) on this damn Rain Garden or whatever it's supposed to be called plus that damn bike rack in the road near the NISA shop. This bike rack is never used by cyclists from Shrewsbury Rd or Warwick Rd. Absolutely bonkers. I wonder how long it'll be before this Rain Garden is filled with empty alcohol containers of various kinds plus drug user materials of all kinds. Such sad planners with limited thinking. Des Clarke

    Postiwyd yn ddienw am 10:51, Dydd Sul 12 Mai 2024
    Yn parhau i fod ar agor, trwy holiadur

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