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Blocked Access to Milestones and Leisure Centre exit

Adroddwyd drwy desktop yn y categori Rights of way yn ddienw am 18:02, Llun 25 Medi 2023

Anfon at Hampshire County Council llai na munud yn hwyrach. Cyfeirnod FixMyStreet: 5030413.

Staff trying to get to work in Milestones Museum Basingstoke is a nightmare most times but especially lunch time due to queues for the two restaurants totally blocking access to the Museum and the Leisure Centre exit right next to the drive through restaurant entrance. Staff are often sat for 10 minutes or more in queues of around 60 cars or more queueing right back to the main junction entrance, unable to get past to get to work in Milestones Museum at the end of the Leisure Centre and in time for shift changes If the road was made into one way on the section before the restaurant entrances instead of allowing people to exit left out of the restaurants car park, then the 2 lanes would enable access to pass any queue. Eg., make it a no left turn exit so the right hand lane can be for the restaurants, leaving the left hand lane free for the car parks, exit and Milestones access. Anyone wanting to exit south would just have to exit beside the restaurants & loop back at the Morrisons roundabout, which is only a minimal distance. Anyone entering from the South entrance beside Sky Dive centre, and passing Odeon Cinema or Bingo hall is just ending up in the queue which blocks the north exit. There are car parks opposite the 2 restaurants with cars wanting to access or exit them being blocked by the queues too. Its bad planning... And a total mess. Besides staff being unable to get to work its difficult for visitors and must put people off from visiting the Museum (which also isn't clearly signposted) and be causing loss of trade.

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  • This is still a problem the land owners BDBC need to fix!

    Postiwyd yn ddienw am 23:02, Llun 23 Hydref 2023
    Yn parhau i fod ar agor, trwy holiadur

  • This still needs a solution

    Postiwyd yn ddienw am 18:22, Llun 27 Tachwedd 2023
    Yn parhau i fod ar agor, trwy holiadur

  • This has not had any response and now the festive season is here with the restaurants being exceptionally busy plus Milestones being very busy it is impossible to gain access to the latter. Staff need access to their place of work and visitors must find it frustrating too especially those who are disabled. The owners passing the buck as to who is responsible doesn't make things easy either, especially when updates like this are not even viewed by them! Just another issue being ignored by Basingstoke Council!

    Postiwyd yn ddienw am 23:00, Sul 3 Rhagfyr 2023

  • Photo taken today 3rd December 23 to go with today's earlier update

    Postiwyd yn ddienw am 23:34, Sul 3 Rhagfyr 2023

  • Access to Milestones due to restaurant queues has been 10 times worse over the Xmas period. The owners, BDBC need to sort out a No left turn on the restaurant exit. It is so unfair on people who work in the Museum plus making it difficult for visitors some of whom can't even find the venue as it is not sign posted clearly once on the Leisure centre complex.

    Postiwyd yn ddienw am 11:05, Maw 26 Rhagfyr 2023
    Yn parhau i fod ar agor, trwy holiadur

  • Nothing has changed, still long queues!

    Postiwyd yn ddienw am 13:00, Dydd Mawrth 23 Ionawr 2024
    Yn parhau i fod ar agor, trwy holiadur

  • Entry to Milestones is very difficult still due to the long restaurant queues blocking access. This has been reported by Milestones Management but 6months on, nothing has been done, nothing has changed. If the Council had Their offices here this would have been resolved by now. No-one driving can get to their place of work on time after sitting in restaurant queues for 15-20 mins when work is only 2 mins away. Disabled drivers need to park outside the venue so have no choice.

    Postiwyd yn ddienw am 14:48, Dydd Mercher 21 Chwefror 2024
    Yn parhau i fod ar agor, trwy holiadur

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