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Everyone Active ignoring their own swimming timetable even though I booked and paid for the service.

Adroddwyd drwy Android yn y categori Other yn ddienw am 17:17, Sad 9 Medi 2023

Anfon at East Hertfordshire District Council a Hertfordshire County Council llai na munud yn hwyrach. Cyfeirnod FixMyStreet: 4969760.

Today I booked a fast lane swim in lane one for 12.30 approximately 90 minutes before this time. All of the lanes were shown as available and I always book lane one as it is slightly wider than the other fast lane (lane 2).

I arrived, started swimming and after a few lengths I was asked to vacate the lane by a lifeguard as "someone is having lessons." (I have had this request before for lifeguard training and I have always given up my booked and paid for lane).

This time, I saw two men standing by the pool, neither of which I reconised as members off the pool staff, waiting for me to vacate the lane. I refused to move immediatley and asked to speak to the manager and informed the lifeguard that I have booked and paid for lane one via the Everyone Active website. The lifeguard said that he would get the manager who never came to speak to me. A few minutes later they asked the swimmer in lane two to vacate the lane for the same reason, which he agreed to and he continued his swim in lane one.

Following my swim I again asked to speak to the manager, a young lady who later told me she is the manager finally came to speak to me and I raised the following issues that I had about this matter;

I explained that I had booked and paid for lane one.

That it looked to me that "a favour" was being granted to someone to have his own lane.

That I have always moved in the past for lifeguard training but it is totally unreasonable if someone is getting his own lane for free, by inconveniencing other and regular swimmers during a scheduled public lane swimming session.

I also asked why she didn't come and speak to me earlier when I was first asked to vacate the lane.

And why have a timetable if you are going to change it at such short notice?

Her reply was to the effect that a mistake had occoured and that lane one should have been "blocked out" on the website so I couldn't book it. (I did say that I have never seen a "blocked out" lane or session, online before even the times prior when I have been asked to move).

That a favour was not being granted and that the lane had been paid for. (When I asked to see a copy of the invoice for this she said that she couldn't show it to me as she didn't have access to it, due to the manner in which it was booked).

She was also adamant that it is ok to "hire out and block out" lanes during public lane swim sessions even if they have already been booked.

She also said that she was too busy to come and see me 30-40 minutes prior when this issue first arose.

And that this will happen again in the future and bookings will be made over the public lane swimming sessions.

I again reitterated that I have made a booking, paid and travelled to the pool just to be treated in this manner.

To add insult to injury, as I was leaving she informed me of another booking, during the public lane swimming session on Monday as if it is no problem at all to treat the regular swimmers and your time table in such a manner.

I explained that I will be contacting Everyone Actives website, the local council (who I understand partly fund the provision of the pool) and yourself as I am astonished that regular swimmers and members are allowed to be treated in this way.

Finally, if evidence is available that the lane was paid for, would it be possible to send me a copy, as I am very suspiciuos that this entire matter has been caused by someone having a considerable favour granted by your staff and if it is financially viable for one swim instructor and his pupil to pay for his own lane, I will speak to some of the regular swimmers and perhaps 4 of us could do the same.

I would like to mention that the manager was polite and courteous throughout our coversation.

I do hope this occourence will not repeated as it quite honestly ruined my day and my swim.

Hope to hear back from you soon.

Kind regards.

Andrew Webb.

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