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Sages lane junction on a32 several issues

Adroddwyd drwy iOS yn y categori Other Road Issues yn ddienw am 16:16, Llun 12 Mehefin 2023

Anfon at Hampshire County Council llai na munud yn hwyrach. Cyfeirnod FixMyStreet: 4662361.

This junction has deteriorated substantially in the last seven years. What is already a dangerous junction with poor visibility due to a telegraph pole to the left, you also have permanently this time of year overgrown verges which when the junction is on a hill makes it impossible to see without hanging half your car on the main road, which on the brow of a 60mph hill is dangerous. The verges need taking right back. And regularly. Not just when they get reported. The junction itself is also in a terrible state, at some point there was an island in it, now pretty much long gone as is full of nasty potholes. The drop down from the a32 onto sages lane at the junction is also becoming worse and you have to turn into sages lane very carefully and ideally you don’t want to be delaying taking it!

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  • Cyflwr wedi newid i: In progress

    Diweddarwyd gan Hampshire County Council am 11:33, Maw 13 Mehefin 2023

  • Cyflwr wedi newid i: Action scheduled

    Diweddarwyd gan Hampshire County Council am 15:05, Llun 19 Mehefin 2023

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