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Homeless person / fly-tipping

Adroddwyd drwy desktop yn y categori Fly-Tipping yn ddienw am 20:02, Llun 2 Ionawr 2023

Anfon at Lewisham Borough Council llai na munud yn hwyrach. Cyfeirnod FixMyStreet: 4078347.

There is a homeless person who is sleeping here and Lewisham authorities have still not done anything to help them since it was first reported nearly two months ago.

Please help them find permanent/safe shelter and once you have, please secure the area as there are various fly-tips around this now which pose a fire risk.

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  • We will pass this information on to our Cer Team to investigate.

    The Land in question where the Homeless person is living is not owned or managed by Lewisham.

    Cyflwr wedi newid i: Internal referral

    Postiwyd gan Lewisham Borough Council am 07:40, Maw 3 Ionawr 2023

  • The land IS OWNED by Lewisham Council - it is part of Chiddingstone House - A Lewisham Council residence.


    Cyflwr wedi newid i: Agor

    Postiwyd yn ddienw am 10:20, Maw 3 Ionawr 2023

  • We have asked the council Safer Neighbourhood team to investigate

    Cyflwr wedi newid i: Internal referral

    Postiwyd gan Lewisham Borough Council am 19:16, Maw 3 Ionawr 2023

  • Now that the rough sleeper(s) has been in put in contact with local services/housed can Lewisham Council - of which it is their land - remove this fly-tip/fire hazard for safety and not to encourage others to move in.

    This has been months and months now for something which will take five minutes.

    Cyflwr wedi newid i: Agor

    Postiwyd yn ddienw am 01:26, Iau 12 Ionawr 2023

  • We have passed this on to Housing Partner Lewisham Homes to arrange clearance

    Cyflwr wedi newid i: Internal referral

    Postiwyd gan Lewisham Borough Council am 07:15, Iau 12 Ionawr 2023

  • Please stop closing this IT IS NOT SORTED - the site is still there with evidence that someone is clearly still living there, despite freezing temperatures.

    Please help this person and clear up this site.

    Postiwyd yn ddienw am 08:39, Maw 24 Ionawr 2023


    Why do you keep closing it? It won't go away. 1) there is potentially a homeless person living in the garden of one of your LEWISHAM HOMES properties


    2) There is a fly tip of wood, bedding, food, plastic, alcohol cans etc which needs to be removed as it is creating a health hazard - for example, we saw squirrels eating from a strong-alcohol can.

    Just do your job which you are paid for. Simple.

    Cyflwr wedi newid i: Agor

    Postiwyd yn ddienw am 15:09, Iau 2 Chwefror 2023

  • This has been passed to our complaints officer ti take up with Lewisham Homes

    Cyflwr wedi newid i: Investigating

    Postiwyd gan Lewisham Borough Council am 15:21, Iau 2 Chwefror 2023

  • More pics...

    Postiwyd yn ddienw am 16:06, Iau 2 Chwefror 2023

  • Still there, foxes appear to be sleeping on the mattress now.

    Postiwyd yn ddienw am 22:57, Llun 6 Chwefror 2023

  • We have passed details of this incident Street Link who deal with Ruff Sleepers to investigate

    Postiwyd gan Lewisham Borough Council am 06:54, Maw 7 Chwefror 2023

  • Street Link have been informed a number of times and are aware, so your message is incorrect.

    If you read the messages above, it has progressed to just being a fly-tip now on council land with the bedding and wood needed to be cleared as it is a health hazard.

    Postiwyd yn ddienw am 08:43, Maw 7 Chwefror 2023

  • This is still ongoing - someone appears to now be living there again. There are super-strength alcohol cans and shoes there.

    What is the point of Lewisham Council? You have a clearly vulnerable person(s) sleeping rough and at risk on YOUR land. It is totally impotent. They should not be living in a make shift fly tip on council land.

    You really need to get this person(s) in the system and in some secure accommodation and clear up the mess they are living in.

    Postiwyd yn ddienw am 20:59, Sul 19 Chwefror 2023

  • Fly tip/bedding/shelter still there. THREE MONTHS after first reporting it and around six months since it's been there.

    Postiwyd yn ddienw am 18:49, Sul 12 Mawrth 2023

  • Still there, now with spare tyres on top of bike sheds.

    Postiwyd yn ddienw am 18:28, Mer 15 Mawrth 2023

  • Still there - now with a more permanent roof. What are you doing Lewisham?

    Postiwyd yn ddienw am 18:18, Mer 22 Mawrth 2023

  • This matter is being investigated by Housing provider Lewisham Homes

    Postiwyd gan Lewisham Borough Council am 19:09, Mer 22 Mawrth 2023

  • There now appears to be a secondary structure in place with some food being stored - this is quickly becoming semi-permanent now Lewisham Council.

    We're really not sure why it is taking you so long to clear this area and find help for the person involved.

    Postiwyd yn ddienw am 14:35, Llun 27 Mawrth 2023

  • We are unable to remove. At this current time

    The person has been visited by Thames Reach and negotiations are on going

    Postiwyd gan Lewisham Borough Council am 15:17, Llun 27 Mawrth 2023

  • This has been nearly half a year now. The person(s) should not be 'negotiating'. They have been offered services and support.

    It is now time to consider the following surely? - Community Protection Notice - Dispersal powers - Public Spaces Protection Order

    Postiwyd yn ddienw am 08:39, Maw 28 Mawrth 2023

  • The person(s) is still there - they are now collecting large quantities of food in boxes, shopping trolleys and other vessels and storing them there, attracting rats, foxes, pigeons and other rodents/vermin.

    Please just action this - how impotent is the council if they cannot move someone living illegally on their own land causing public health issues?

    What are we all paying council tax for other than receiving propaganda from Lewisham Council saying how much you are doing?

    This person(s) is clearly vulnerable and has been led to believe it is acceptable to live like this and cause issues for those who live, work and pay their dues close by.

    Enough is enough - please act Lewisham.

    Postiwyd yn ddienw am 10:49, Sul 9 Ebrill 2023

  • Hello Lewisham Homes? Lewisham Council?

    Postiwyd yn ddienw am 08:04, Llun 17 Ebrill 2023

  • Hello Lewisham Council - please clear this site.

    There is rotten food here, food being stored, high-strength alcohol being consumed, hygienic waste and fire-risk materials.

    This is a health risk and safety issue on your land, please move on.


    Postiwyd yn ddienw am 08:57, Mer 26 Ebrill 2023

  • Any update Lewisham Council? The structure appears to have fallen in on itself and is now a fly tip.

    Postiwyd yn ddienw am 11:09, Mer 3 Mai 2023

  • We have seen this post on here and are shocked that Lewisham Council have not moved this person away from the land and secured them some healthy accommodation. What are we paying our council tax for?

    Postiwyd yn ddienw am 11:29, Mer 17 Mai 2023

  • We have seen him just now - please move him on or get him housing. It has been six months at least now.

    He is drinking high-strength alcohol and making a mess.

    We all pay Lewisham council tax for what? There are services to help him and he has no right to live there and not contribute while we have to walk past him and his mess all day.

    It should not be a 'negotiation' to clear him off council, public land.

    Postiwyd yn ddienw am 14:09, Sad 20 Mai 2023

  • We are awaiting feedback from Community Safety Team on where they have got to on this matter

    Postiwyd gan Lewisham Borough Council am 07:19, Sul 21 Mai 2023

  • Still there, still a mess, still rubbish, still drinking high strength alcohol in a controlled alcohol zone.

    We note that Lewisham Homes/council are currently making repairs to their block which is part of this land he is illegally living on - surely now is the time to move him on.

    There are also two further fly tips next to his site, an inevitable consequence of this land not being looked after.


    Postiwyd yn ddienw am 09:16, Mer 14 Mehefin 2023

  • This location is being visited today by Our Safer Neighbourhoods Team

    Postiwyd gan Lewisham Borough Council am 11:15, Mer 14 Mehefin 2023

  • What is the point of that? They already went there on 3 January 2023, over six months ago and did nothing.

    Here is a list of all the different departments/organisations you have involved and NOTHING has changed:

    1. CER Team 2. SNT 3. Lewisham Homes 4. Council Complaints 5. Street Link 6. Thames Reach 7. Community Safety Team

    Why are you as Lewisham Council not clearing the site and moving the person on - it is not their option to stay there.

    You have engaged with them and they don't want to leave, so move them.

    Postiwyd yn ddienw am 13:11, Mer 14 Mehefin 2023

  • Over a week since the SNT visited but not an update here and the guy is still living there.

    Postiwyd yn ddienw am 18:12, Iau 22 Mehefin 2023

  • Lewisham Council - still happening. Please be effective and reach a conclusion.

    He has now bought a lazy boy chair, table and another chair and is inviting people around to drink with him.

    What is going on with you lot as a council?



    Postiwyd yn ddienw am 19:21, Gwen 28 Gorffennaf 2023

  • As we celebrate the ninth month coming of this problem being reported, Lewisham Council have passed the buck around various departments and nothing has changed.

    The problem has gotten worse and the continued lawlessness and lack of enforcement continues.

    What is the point of paying money for a council which doesn't function?

    Why don't we all stop paying council tax and just live outside now and construct our own houses?

    Lewisham, please do something.

    Postiwyd yn ddienw am 06:00, Gwen 11 Awst 2023

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