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Druggies and alcoholics on steps to Priory Hill- loads of rubbish and their actually shit. Hedges over grown and giving them cover

Adroddwyd yn y categori Other yn ddienw am 07:50, Gwen 22 Mai 2020

Anfon at Kent County Council llai na munud yn hwyrach. Cyfeirnod FixMyStreet: 2124727.

Human shit and rubbish- steps not swept for months. Hedges need cutting right back- becoming difficult to pass

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  • Is this another token gesture, so we think things will happen but they still don't

    Postiwyd yn ddienw am 00:09, Sad 20 Mehefin 2020
    Yn parhau i fod ar agor, trwy holiadur

  • What is the point of this if you don't tell the useless council????

    Postiwyd yn ddienw am 21:52, Sul 19 Gorffennaf 2020
    Yn parhau i fod ar agor, trwy holiadur

  • Why can't we put a torture chamber in Dover castle, or just shoot the fuckers and push the bodies over the cliffs for a laugh (but not before we have shoved red hot chilli's up their bums first.

    Postiwyd yn ddienw am 23:17, Mer 5 Awst 2020

  • Dover council/veolia need to employ more than 2 street sweepers for the town. There was a split sack of clothing added to all the rubbish last week. The hedges are cut so far then the cuttings left piled up. Aren't there enough lazy twats sat indoors whining that they can't find work, who should be doing this out door work!!

    Postiwyd yn ddienw am 10:29, Llun 17 Awst 2020
    Yn parhau i fod ar agor, trwy holiadur

  • Why the hell would anyone be mad enough to want to come to this country, its a complete dump now.

    Just as well the Germans did not have rubber dingy's in 1940 :)

    P.s. did Himmler ever make it to Specsavers ?


    Herman Goering - Weighwatchers :)

    Postiwyd yn ddienw am 13:23, Sul 23 Awst 2020

  • Just to say, its not the job of this website to fix things, they are just a messenger. Its not their fault that the council are a bunch of wankers.

    People had their chance to vote in Nigel Farage more than once and fluffed it. This is now what you get, so don't moan.

    Postiwyd yn ddienw am 23:54, Sul 23 Awst 2020

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