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Graffiti - Parade Steps

Adroddwyd yn y categori Graffiti am David Stephens

Anfon at Folkestone and Hythe District Council 3 munud yn hwyrach. Cyfeirnod FixMyStreet: 1359127.

This graffiti was reported by me to the Council on about 27 May, and I got a response with a reference no. WK/201815438 on 29 May. Unfortunately I've received nothing since, and the graffiti on the stairs is even worse as the three photos I took yesterday may show. (I actually took nine of them but we're only allowed to post 3 here, so these are the first three). As the wheels of bureaucracy seem to turn very slowly in Folkestone, I felt it best to revert to FixMyStreet to see if this forum can accelerate a solution to what is a disgraceful state of affairs, especially now that the Bail Steps are being fixed and more people are likely to use the Parade Steps in the meanwhile.

I would also like to ask if the council could find a way of using anti-graffiti paint on the walls and maybe put up a CCTV camera to catch the morons that do this kind of totally antisocial thing.

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  • Saturday 14 July. Still nothing done. Here's three more pics from last week.

    It's Bastille Day in France today. Wish we'd had a revolution like theirs - it might have solved a lot of the useless management problems in the UK.

    Postiwyd gan David Stephens am 11:54, Sad 14 Gorffennaf 2018

  • Still nothing done.

    Postiwyd gan David Stephens am 16:08, Maw 31 Gorffennaf 2018

  • Yn parhau i fod ar agor, trwy holiadur, 15:23, Llun 6 Awst 2018

  • I suppose in a town seemingly mainly populated by people of both sexes and many age groups who believe graffitiing their own bodies with tattoos is an acceptable practice, there really isn't much hope that they - or their councillors - will care very much about the pathetic sprayings of walls with paint. Frankly, I'm giving up trying to get anything done about either issue, and hereby resign. What a dump Folkestone is.

    Postiwyd gan David Stephens am 15:43, Llun 3 Medi 2018
    Yn parhau i fod ar agor, trwy holiadur

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