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Request for maintenance to old pathway.

Adroddwyd yn y categori Other (non-highways) am Glenn Johnson

Anfon at Gosport Borough Council a Hampshire County Council 4 munud yn hwyrach. Cyfeirnod FixMyStreet: 1324762.

FMS, please send to Gosport and Hampshire councils. It is a pavement that isn't along a highway so I'm unsure who it needs to go to.

I'm trying to ascertain the correct owner/maintainer of this pathway that passes from Shackleton Road to Grange lane. The path passes between Rowner Bowling Green and the site of the former Naval Respite centre opposite Grange Junior School.

I was originally led to believe that this path was under the care of the Military Housing contractor CarillionAmey but after a doing some digging with them they claim it is now the responsibility of one of the local councils.

Nature of the issue? The path is in a poor state. Full of tree roots, this path is lumpy, bumpy and crumbling. There are two (non functioning) old lampposts. One of which has had the access panel removed and has wires open. There are also large overhanging trees here that haven't had proper maintenance done to them in what looks like quite a few years and bulge into the pathway.

Please can you let me know your position in regards to whether this path is your responsibility. If it turns out to not be either council, I can go back to CarillionAmey and the Defence Infrastructure Organisation.

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